About Low Carb Australia

The idea for Low Carb Australia started out of frustration at trying to follow Low Carb, Keto and Paleo recipes that were written for an American audience. Many of the ingredients cited in recipes can only be sourced in the US and the measurements given require another time draining effort to convert.  In order to help other Aussies keen to follow this great way of eating, we launched the Low Carb Australia Facebook page in June of 2017.

This website and Facebook support page and group is managed by a small team of Admin and Moderators who work hard in their spare time to source and share recipes with full permission, credit and representation of the original source and news and other information relevant to our readers.

The Low Carb Australia website was launched in June 2021. Future plans include creating our own range of Australian produced low carb and keto friendly ingredients to offer our community as well as other offers from Australian producers. Our aim is to listen to what our readers want and do our best to deliver.

If you would like us to consider sharing your recipes, please contact us.


When you're looking to substitute recipe ingredients for something from the wonderful abundance of bush foods in Australia. This guide will help you choose.

All the information on this site is intended for providing information only. It does not constitute medical or nutritional advice, is not tailored to any reader’s personal situation and readers should seek their own medical advice before making any decisions related to their nutrition and health.